Tool your content marketing team with the right talent

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A Guide for Building a Team and Achieving Content Marketing Success.

Content marketing is about people

Almost every company is engaging in some sort of content marketing. Why? Because it works. Done well, content marketing increases traffic, leads and sales, all while reducing marketing costs. But content marketing doesn’t work the same for every company. You must employ the best talent and deploy effective tools in order to see success.

This eBook focuses on the first of these: talent, the most important asset to content marketing success.
Tool_Your_Content_Marketing _ANN_HANDLEY

You need a team In late 2014

Content Marketing Institute’s Michele Lynn wrote: “Each year we track the challenges marketers are having with content marketing in our research. This year, one challenge was far more pronounced than it has been: finding trained content marketing professionals.” According to similar research from SkilledUp, 34 percent of companies find hiring for content marketing difficult.

In the pages that follow, we present eight common content marketing problems and the team members who can help you solve them.
That doesn’t mean you need eight people. If you have a lot of resources, you may employ one person per role (or more than one if you can afford it). If you’re in startup mode, you may have one (very versatile) person asked to wear many hats.

Most cases land somewhere in between. Kapost reported that fewer than 20 percent of content marketing teams comprise six or more people. Almost half of the respondents in their survey had teams between two and five.

No one said it would be easy

You can see a theme developing here. Content marketing is full of trials, roadblocks and unforeseen problems. One thing is for certain: you need the right people onboard to help you solve those issues.

Let’s look at who they are, the talents they possess and how to get the best minds (and hands) in the business to join your team.


Content marketing types

You’re building a team to accomplish your all-important content marketing initiatives. Who do you hire? What skills do you look for?
If you were to analyze how their brains work, what would you find? In this infographic, we profile six key talents it takes to assemble an ultra-effective content marketing team.

Tool_Your_Content_Marketing CONTENT MARKETING TYPES

Source du Livre Blanc et Infographie : ici

About the author
Barry Feldman operates Feldman Creative and provides clients content marketing strategies that rock and creative that rolls. Barry has recently been named a Top 40 Digital Strategist by Online Marketing Institute and one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. Visit Feldman Creative.
Demand Media Content Solutions : Demand Media Content Solutions is a content studio connecting brands to audiences through original text, video, visuals and other innovative formats. Almost a decade ago, our founders had a vision for changing the way brands communicate and connect with digital audiences. Today, Demand Media has grown and evolved into a network of more than 3,000 quality journalists, filmmakers, photographers and artists. Through our owned and operated properties such as eHow, LIVESTRONG.COM and Cracked, we reach one in three Americans every month. This scalability informs our proprietary data sets, shapes every content marketing strategy decision and ensures our brands are delivering the right message at the right time and always to the right audience.
Scribble Live : ScribbleLive is the provider of the world’s leading complete content marketing and live publishing software platform powered by big data. Our all-in-one SaaS solution combines predictive analytics with content planning, creation and distribution technologies to deliver optimized business results. ScribbleLive is used by over 500 enterprises including large global brands such as Red Bull, Bayer, Ferrari, CNN, Sky News and Yahoo!
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